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Lifting Program



The foundation of any effective football conditioning program is strength training. Here at Notre Dame the traditional football success is based on athletes like you dedicating yourself on and off the field. Weight training is the cornerstone of our success. During the off-season the objective is to build the maximum of strength, size and power possible. Why is maximal strength important? Quite simply it is a precursor to developing explosive power THE most important physical trait in football.


Sample Meal Plan To Gain Weight

Many of you have requested a meal plan to assist you with gaining weight. Weight gain may be beneficial for certain positions. However, if you are a skill player you may not want to gain too much weight to avoid losing your speed. I have researched a safe plan for you to gain weight below. This is an example of a football player's daily meal plan to gain weight, courtesy of Leslie Bonci, R.D., Pittsburgh Steelers' team nutrition consultant.
Sample Meal Plan



Using the Guide


Enclosed you will find the entire off season weight training and conditioning program. KEEP THIS BOOK IN A SAFE PLACE AND BRING IT WITH YOU EVERY WORKOUT. The program is divided daily and will provide you with a comprehensive tracking system to monitor your progress. This program relies heavily on your dedication, desire and discipline. Following this guide will assist you in reaching your physical goals. The workouts are split into a four day cycle. Three days for lifting and one day for plyometrics. Each exercise has a blank box next to them, so that you may enter the weight you are working out with. It is important to track your progress to ensure that you are moving up for each exercise. You should be moving up at least five pounds every two weeks. This workout is designed for football specifically. You may add your own exercises in addition to this workout but you must do the exercises, the sets and reps that are in this guide. There will be some variation each month to the workouts so that your muscles will be constantly stimulated, so follow the workouts closely and be aware of changes month to month. The key to lifting success is consistency. There will be days that you will be tired but those days often times are the most important days. You must push yourself to exhaustion in order to improve each week. Dedicate 1 hour of lifting and plyometrics for only four days a week and you will reap the rewards of your hard work. Get a good workout partner and get ready to pack on some muscle. Any questions about this guide, feel free to contact me


Coach Xavier