Seussical The Musical Auditions—December 3rd

Auditions will take place for Seussical The Musical on December 3rd in the Notre Dame Music Room.

Director: Ms. Rosemary O’Brien
Music Director: Mr. Jason Arnold
Choreographer: Mrs. Victoria Streeto
Producer: Mrs. Casey LaMonaca
You can find our rehearsal schedule HERE.
Production Dates:
March 30th 9:30am* and 7pm
March 31st 7pm
April 1st 7pm
April 2nd 3pm

*Actresses auditioning must be available for the morning performance on March 30th.
Please be aware that LHHS has a semi-formal dance scheduled for March 31st.
(FYI- SHA’s Prom is April 29th- it is incorrectly listed on a calendar on SHA website as April 1st- but it’s not.)
There is a brief but mandatory parent/cast/crew meeting on December 8th at 6:30pm

  • Bring with you:
    • Water bottle
    • Headshot and filled out audition form
    • Comfortable clothing for dancing
    • Dance shoes
  • Music and Monologues Format:
    • Music and Monologues will take place in the Music Room located on the 1st floor
    • The format will be a cattle call style audition, meaning everyone signed up for that hour will be in the Music room together performing in quick succession.  You should remain in the room for the entire hour and be respectful of other students. Absolutely no recording.
    • Actors and Actresses should prepare 16 bars of the song that best showcases their voice (it does not need to be from Seussical but should be from a musical theater show and not a "radio" song) and should bring their sheet music with them to the audition. We will have an accompanist for you. We would prefer if you sing with the accompanist rather than singing from recorded music on your phone.
          — If you cannot find a song, Happy Birthday will suffice.
    • You should prepare a 60 second monologue of your choosing
    • If you are auditioning for solely a dance role, you may choose not to sing during your audition (if you are auditioning for “featured dancer” type roles) HOWEVER you will still need to be at “music” rehearsals so you can sing along in the background during ensemble scenes.
  • Dance Auditions:
    • Dance auditions will take place in the Collins Auditorium located in the lower level of ND
    • Please self stretch prior to your session beginning to avoid injuries, there will also be a quick stretch at the start of the hour.
    • Our choreographer will teach you a quick dance which you will then perform in small groups
    • You should wear comfortable dance attire but please no baggy clothing  
    • Acceptable footwear:
      • Dance shoes including: ballet, jazz, or hip hop sneakers
      • Please no character shoes or tap shoes and please do not wear just socks
      • If you don’t have dance shoes, please be barefoot or wear lightweight sneakers such as Keds
    • Everyone auditioning for Seussical must attend a dance audition.