(H) Semester Schedule

New Schedules….More Opportunities!

This year's new semester schedule at Notre Dame stems from our strategic planning goal to “evolve through continuous improvement, innovation and assessment to ensure excellence in education within the context of Catholic Holy Cross values.”

Over two years, our leadership team, faculty and staff explored how we could expand our program’s excellence, broaden course offerings, strengthen academic sequencing and create options for flexibility.  

7 benefits to the semester schedule:

  1. Increase classroom instruction time
  2. Create opportunities to implement innovative class instruction models  
  3. Increase access for students to work one on one with faculty including extra help
  4. Improve course continuity
  5. Enable more students to avail educational study tours, field trips, immersion studies and service-learning work
  6. Give all students the opportunity to be actively involved in multiple extracurriculars to enhance learning and leading opportunities outside of the classroom
  7. Minimize the impact of early dismissals for student-athletes to reduce time away from the classroom

The ND academic year spans two semesters totaling four quarters with an intercession in March for Experiential Learning.   Students take a minimum of six (6) and a maximum of seven (7) courses per semester totaling six (6) or seven (7) credits per year. Classes rotate through a seven day cycle with five classes meeting daily. Four of the five class meetings daily are 60 minutes, the fifth class period is 75 minutes.

School hours are 8:10 am – 2:30 pm.

ND Community Period

During Community Period the entire school is free at one time for co-curricular activities, faculty office hours, quiet and collaborative study and Teacher Advisory.