Experiential Learning (NDXL)

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About NDXL at ND

At Notre Dame, academic learning takes place beyond the walls of the typical classroom and extends out into the real world. Students broaden their horizons through NDXL, an experiential learning term that encourages students to partake in study tours, special interest courses, service learning, and immersion programs.

Potential Learning Opportunities

Workout Warriors, History of New Haven Pizza, Field & Stream Outdoors, Backyard Games, CT Art & Music, Guitar Basics,  Amistad: The History & Preparation for Sail, and more! 

NDXL Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrating creative and innovative techniques
  • Execution of ideas
  • Learning from failure through flexibility and adaptability
  • Accomplishing self-directed goals

NDXL is essential to educating the hearts and minds of young men. Opportunities for experiencing alternative courses, learning from doing, and seeing
passion in action teaches important life lessons. 

Mr. Matt Milano ‘07, Assistant VP for Academic Instructional
Design and Social Studies Faculty


Notre Dame eXperiential Learning (NDXL) expands learning opportunities for students. This program gives students the freedom to learn in areas of passion, discover and develop their gifts, explore new ideas and skills, and participate in
service learning.  NDXL is a required graduation credit.