ALL Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores must register in TA this week. (2/4/20)


  • Have your top 5 courses ranked in order of preference.
  • Students MAY NOT register for the same course as 2019. If they do, they will NOT be able to re-register and they will be assigned to one of the remaining courses.
  • ALL TRAVEL COURSES and INTERNSHIP students MUST still register for courses to confirm their schedule. 
  • Students will choose their A and B classes in TA. ALL students must pick BOTH an A and B block class to successfully register.
Upcoming important dates:

Starting the week of 1/27 students have had the opportunity to view the 2020 NDXL Video Course Catalog in TA, to watch the videos, ask questions and prepare for course registration.

Registration starts TUESDAY!

Tuesday 2/4- Seniors will register for NDXL courses in TA
Wednesday 2/5- Juniors will register for NDXL courses in TA
Thursday 2/6- Sophomores will register for NDXL courses in TA
(Note: Freshman have a set schedule and will not need to register)

At the end of Quarter 3, we will pause to complete the NDXL (Notre Dame eXperiential Learning) Mini-term from March 16th to March 27th. Students will take 2 weeks of half-day courses, which alternate on a daily basis, morning and afternoon. These courses are hands-on and skills-based. They range in content and topics but are all graded based on a 21st Century skills rubric. Courses are essentially pass/fail but are required to complete for 1 Experiential Learning Credit (4 required to graduate). Classes are held during the normal school hours and will incorporate field trips, special events, guest speakers, and projects. Only three of the options (which have already registered in the fall) are travel course options and required additional prior payment and registration. Our travel/service courses: Puerto Rico, NYC/Philidelphia/D.C, and Texas, are full-day courses and will still require registration to be finalized next week. If your son has not registered for travel course options, students will complete NDXL here at ND, which almost 95% of our students do. Courses here at ND are already covered by tuition. These are very diverse opportunities and I encourage your son to ask questions this week in TA before he has a chance to register next week. 

"Challenge and Experience followed by Reflection leading to Learning and Growth."
-Association of Experiential Education-


What is Experiential Learning? 
CLICK HERE to learn best from the Association of Experiential Education

What is NDXL?
Notre Dame eXperiential Learning (NDXL) is designed to increase learning opportunities for students.  Over two weeks, students immerse themselves in a learning ‘laboratory’ aimed to develop new skills, discover new talents, and explore new passions. Courses are based on a diverse array of traditional academic and non-traditional content areas. The experiential learning process focuses on skill development through intentional experiences using reflection and application methods. From two half-day rotating courses to full-day travel course opportunities, NDXL offers a unique and innovative approach to provide students with diverse learning opportunities.

How do grades/credit work during NDXL?
All courses, trips, and internships are offered as pass/fail for Experiential Learning Credit. Students may take one full day or two half day courses to fulfill this graduation requirement.  Assessment is based on meeting four 21st Century Skill proficiency standards.  Any course credit not fulfilled during NDXL will need to be made-up before the end of Quarter 4 or Summer coursework will be required.

How does NDXL help our students?
Research shows experiential education facilitates valuable life lessons. With an emphasis on trial and error and hands-on learning, students can practice, reflect on their successes and failures and work to improve their skills in the process. Many NDXL courses include travel and field trip opportunities. Instead of these trips taking away from class-time, students will receive graduation credit for these experiences. Following their experience, reflection becomes essential to the learning process, bringing meaning to what they did, providing an opportunity to apply it in the future. Courses that do not travel create engaging experiences by using expert guest speakers, hands-on projects, and local field trips or events. A reflective mindset and skill development are essential to success in the 21st century. NDXL provides a unique opportunity to practice this skill set.

Use this link HERE to learn more about the program.
Any other questions or concerns, contact Matt Milano at mmilano@notredamehs.com.

NDXL 2020 Travel Courses

2020 ndxl Travel banner

Puerto Rico Adventure

Washington D.C. New York City and Philadelphia Adventure

NDXL is essential to educating the hearts and minds of young men. Opportunities for experiencing alternative courses, learning from doing, and seeing
passion in action teaches important life lessons. 

Mr. Matt Milano ‘07, Assistant VP for Academic Instructional
Design and Social Studies Faculty


Notre Dame eXperiential Learning (NDXL) expands learning opportunities for students. This program gives students the freedom to learn in areas of passion, discover and develop their gifts, explore new ideas and skills, and participate in
service learning.  NDXL is a required graduation credit.