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Class of 2023 Summer Assignments

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All assignments are based on the book Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood by Marjane Satrapi.   All students should complete the English, Social Studies and Science assignments.  Only students registered for Honors Algebra II should do the Math assignment.  Only students registered for Choir should do the Choir assignment.


Over the summer read the book Persepolis and think about the five themes listed in the linked graphic organizer linked below.  Please fill out the graphic organizer and bring it to the first day of class. Students will work on an essay when they return to school.


Follow the directions on the left hand side of the linked graphic organizer. Bring your notebook with the completed summer assignment to school during the first week to complete the final step of the assignment in class.


Complete the assignment described at the following link.


Only students registered for Honors Algebra II should complete this assignment.
Honors Algebra II:  Link to detailed assignment instructions.


Only students registered for Choir should complete this assignment.
• Pick a character from the novel with which you identify and come up with 5-10 words that describe the character.
We will use those descriptors when you return in the fall to pick songs that represent your Persepolis character in the novel.

If you have questions about a specific assignment, you can email the respective Department Chair;

English Dept - Mrs. Lucy Abbott

Fine Arts Dept - Mrs. Chrissy Evans

Foreign Language Dept - Mrs. Carmen Gunneson

Mathematics Dept - Mr. Chris Smith -

Science Dept - Ms. Liz Snape

Social Studies Dept - Mr. Tim Furtak