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Class of 1969 — 50th Reunion

Class of 1969 Reunion Photo

Class of 1969 at the Sunday event at ND

1969 Memorial Scholarship

Dear Classmates,

Looking back, a mist of time shrouds a distant landscape.  But as we entered our Senior year in 1968, we were sharp, on edge, anticipating what was to come against a backdrop of turmoil.  Our Junior year, the winter and spring of 1968, had seen the assassinations of Martin Luther King, and Bobby Kennedy, the Tet offensive in Vietnam, Lyndon Johnson’s decision to not run, and the riots at the Democratic Convention in Chicago. It seemed the nation was at war with its youth. 

But Notre Dame was refuge. A lantern lighting the way in uncertain times. The brothers, priests, and lay faculty and staff all were dedicated to guiding us even as they shared the same anxieties. 

But we did move on.  We followed the path they illuminated. 

1969-Graduation! Suddenly, the seemingly long road a new high school freshman faced had been traveled. It was in our rearview mirror and fading fast. We were swept into the summer of Woodstock and the adventure beyond.

Our class.  The class of ’69.  We were going to change the world!


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In prayerful memory of the deceased members of the Class of 1969

John S. Anthony
Alfred E. Blicher
Mel P. Cartoceti
James M. Dehm
Biagio P. Dilella
James P. Howard
Allan J. Lauderowicz
William D. Lee
Stanley M. Lucash
Michael P. Maisano
Eugene G. Mc Cabe
Terrence J. Mc Mahon
Robert T. Murtagh
Joseph P. Novak
James J. Nuzzo
James F. O'Leary
Edward J. Petroski
John A. Popolizio
James F. Revillini
Lucien A. Rizzo, Sr.
Kevin F. Rowe
John M. Shea
James M. Smith
Robert J. Sokolowski
Arthur A. Spence
Edward J. Stapleton
Gary L. Sullivan

 Reunion Committee

T.J. Casey

Scott Farquharson

Frank McCarthy

Hank Petrosky

Ric Raffone

Bill Smith

Wayne Zirolli

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