Deceased Alumni 2020

Notre Dame High School would like to make all the names of deceased graduates available to our entire community. Through this website, names will be updated regularly. Please notify the Office of Advancement with the names of deceased graduates. We ask that you keep both the graduates and their families in your prayers.

How does Notre Dame get notices of a deceased alumnus?

The staff in the Office of Advancement is responsible for maintaining and updating data on the alumni population, including the reporting of death notices. These notices come to us from many sources including alumni, family members, other Notre Dame offices, and returned mail. They also come in many forms such as phone calls, letters, newspaper obituaries, notes on gift reply forms, surveys, etc. To notify ND of a recent death, please contact Emily Brady at 203.937.3268 or

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We invite members of the Notre Dame Community to submit your prayer intentions to the Campus Ministry Office.

Recently Deceased Alumni

Please click on the names below to be connected to the published obituary. Please note that some may not have a link if we were unable to find an obituary. This list is current from January 1, 2020 and will be updated regularly. 

Joseph F. Turro '65

Ronald M. Della Selva '60

Joseph L. Stacy '83

Thomas P. Partridge, Jr. '57

Lee J. Wallace '55

David C. Keefe '54

Frederick T. Palmer '60

Gerard J. Close '54

John L. Benigno '72

Vincent E. Cirillo '63

Joseph Jordan '66

Anthony F. D'Amato '66

James J. Spillane '53

Edward Jachimowski '65

Ralph Olivieri '61

Joseph Sicignano '58

John E. Lee '62

Charles A. Burghardt, Jr. '63

Gary W. Kenny '74

Michael A. Bergeron '07

William E. Eheman '72

Bernard J. Moran Jr. '51

John F. Donovan '50

Neil Avallone '61

Francis Pagliaccio '51

Alan B. Flanagan '56

John M. Christoforo '56

Robert Tellier '64

S. Michael DeRosa '62

John J. Hines '55

Edward Roche '53

Stephen T. Foley '55

Charles Burns, Jr. '56

John "Jack" Holzer '61

Richard Embler '55

Robert Zirlis '63

Albert Dobie '51

Peter Eule '63

George Richard "Rick" Berner '61

James Guzzio '58

Brian Murray '02

Charles Martindale Jr. '86

Brother Michael A. Smith, CSC (1939-2020)

Joseph Kimbro '50

John Bennett '62

Pasquale Young '55

Kenneth Wetmore '71

Bartel Crisafi '55

Henry John Smidowicz Jr. '70

Gil-Antonio Pereira Cunha ("Gilo") '88

Joseph Lawrence Stacy '83

James Guercia (1946-2020)

Barry Sexton '58

George Dayharsh '60

Eugene Baron '82

Edward F. Stebbins '72

Germanus McDermott '65

Francis McManus '57

Brother Joseph Edward Zutelis, C.S.C. (1922-2020)

Joseph Klivak '63

Jamison Connor '99

Pasquale Oronzo '50

Howard Rogers, Jr. '82

Michael Moran '54

John "Jackie" Shea '77

Christopher Canali '80

Edward Korzon '60

Michael Zarnowski '66

Vincent Buonocore '53

Ryan Kiley '11

Terence Dinnean '75

Lorenzo Piroli '00

Michael Fitzpatrick '81

Neil Ortoli '58

Salvatore Puglia '52

Edmund Pevich '58

Mark Gagliardi '82

Abele Grillo '54

William Benni '54

Michael Yerganian '15

Thomas Gersz Sr. '57

Kurt M. Schierholz '71

Anthony Fraulo '60

Guy Spontino '80

Lee Barrett '18

Dr. John Joseph Grous '73

John Carew '50

Richard Parri '62

“We shall always place education side by side with instruction; the mind will not be cultivated at the expense of the heart. While we prepare useful citizens for society, we shall likewise do our utmost to prepare citizens for heaven.”  blessed basil moreau