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“Notre Dame today works to cultivate a high sense of spiritual, moral, and social values among the students. Notre Dame continues to adapt, to innovate, to improve methods, curriculum, and thrust of subject matter—providing ever new opportunities to help modern youth become responsible and effective members of a society revitalized in Christ.”

                                                                                                                         …excerpt from the 1970 Shield

Dear Notre Dame Alumni, 

The Class of 1970 Reunion has been postponed. Stay tuned for more information.

As we all continue to navigate through these difficult times, be assured of the prayers of the Notre Dame community for you, your family, and our greater world community.

With warm regards,


Class of 1970 — 50th Reunion

Image of class of 1970

SAVE THE DATES: May 29-31, 2020 for a fun and memorable 50th Reunion!

Dear Members of the Class of 1970,

I was getting acquainted with your class recently by looking through your yearbook and I came across these words that still resonate with Notre Dame in 2019. Simply put, we continue to adapt and innovate, improve our curriculum and teaching methods for 21st-century learners, and inspire our students to be responsible citizens grounded in Christian values. Yes, the ND legacy and Holy Cross mission continue to thrive!

I also saw many snapshots of the life and personality of your class…the extraordinary Spring Festival, outstanding athletic teams, numerous clubs, prom, and, of course, academic achievement. I wondered who it might have been that inspired you some 50 years ago. Was it a Brother, a teacher, a coach? A classmate or teammate? While the answer may be different for each of you, I imagine those formative years “on the hill” helped shape the great Notre Dame Men that you are today.

Since I arrived at Notre Dame nearly five years ago, I have been so impressed by the dedication and loyalty of our alumni for their alma mater. I often hear about the lifelong friendships and many “legendary” stories that I am sure get better each time they are told!


50th Reunion Invitations with all of the details will be mailed by April 1.

 Reunion Committee

Louis Buccino
(813) 390-5777 (H)
(813) 604-3688 (C)

John Byrne
(860) 304-1950 (H)

William Dest
(860) 669-0612 (H)
(203) 631-0377 (C) 

John Fanotto
(203) 881-9912 (H)
(203) 305-6231 (C)

Jack Flaherty
(203) 254-2813 (H)
(203) 895-6969 (C)

Kevin Hunt
(941) 321-1246 (H)

Bill Stewart
203-488-7114 (H)

Darryl Zebrowski
(203) 933-0079 (H)

Click a committee member's name above to email directly. 

Lost Classmates
Please contact the school or one of the committee members if you have contact information for any of your “lost” classmates.

Brian Callahan 
John Clohessy 
Daniel Coyle 
Dominic De Lucia 
Ernest Del Giudice 
Russell Farrell 
Robert Garvie 
Victor Glasso 
Ralph Grillo 
Richard Hassan 
Joseph D. Henn
Robert Hughes 
John Kerrigan 
Alphonse Liguori 
Mark Majusky 
Timothy Moran 
Mark Mullally  
William Roche 
Kevin Sabo 
Stephen Scopino 
Henry Smidowicz 
Peter Sticco 
Robert Ward 
Edward Zukowski

Deceased Classmates
In Honored Memory

Frederick Abel 
Lawrence Anderson 
Richard Berry 
Kenneth Block 
John Byrn 
Pasquale Caprio 
William Carey 
Rene Champagne 
Paul Chelstowski 
Charles Durnin 
Gerard Esposito 
Michael Fadden 
Gregory Fitzgerald 
Ralph Grillo
Steve Hammond
James Hughes 
John Karlak
John Ierardi 
David Kerwin 
Thaddeus Kostka 
Robert Lecza 
Orrin McFarland 
Eugene Mezeiski 
James Murphy 
Thomas O'Connor 
Kerry O'Toole
Ulderico Ricci 
James Sands 
Carl Schumacher 
Robert Setaro 
Peter Stico
Myron Teluk
Edmund Zukowski