Kevin Aniskovich ND ’90 From Politics to Health Care

Kevin Aniskovich ’90 matriculated at the Catholic University of America as a Political Science major and began his career in survey research and public opinion polling. By 1998, his focus shifted to health care where he identified a need for health information that was accessible and actionable.  Since that time, he has founded three companies, and today, he is the President and CEO of Jumo Health, supporting the top pharmaceutical companies across the globe in their clinical trials.
Aniskovich’s initial interest in Political Science grew out of an experience in his American Government class at ND involving volunteering for a political campaign. “I clearly remember Mr. Marcucci’s class and the perspective I gained from learning beyond the book. I then had the opportunity to support my brother Bill’s (’81) run for state office, which piqued my interest in going to college in our nation’s capital to study Political Science.” 
Two formative experiences later prompted Aniskovich’s change of direction. In 1991, he secured an internship with Congresswoman Nancy Johnson (R-CT-6th District) where he was assigned to her health care team.  There, he was exposed to disparities in health equity and ways in which policy can affect people’s lives. Several years later, his mother was diagnosed with a rare disease for which there was no cure, and experienced firsthand how difficult it can be to obtain health information that can be easily understood.  He decided then to dedicate his professional career to medical communications and adherence. 
Before joining Jumo Health, Aniskovich founded two other health companies which used innovative techniques to bridge the gap between complex medical terminology and an informed patient. In 1998, Aniskovich co-founded HealthInfo Corporation to produce condition-specific videos to educate patients and caregivers upon diagnosis. In 2005, he formed Intelecare Compliance Solutions where he developed a medical management platform to increase adherence through personal notifications and the home delivery of medications.
Jumo Health is his most ambitious undertaking thus far as it tackles health literacy. Jumo Health develops multicultural resources that support clinical trials in more than 75 countries with disease education solutions covering more than 125 health topics. Headquartered in the United States, Jumo Health has offices in London and New Zealand. 
As with many health care services companies, the COVID-19 pandemic provided unprecedented opportunities and challenges for Jumo Health.  Most critically, it shined a spotlight on cultural disparities in care and the need for transparent and reliable information. “The collective response to develop vaccines and therapeutics required us to coordinate our resources among disparate trials across the globe. Our resources were used in more than 35 clinical trials to eliminate educational and historical bias as a means to accelerate enrollment.” 
Aniskovich’s reflection on his time at Notre Dame is a testament to what we mean when we say we educate minds and hearts.  “Looking back, I recognize the impact Notre Dame had on my personal journey and how the words of the Notre Dame Code ultimately found meaning. Notre Dame provided a place to learn, grow and build lifelong friendships which all contributed to becoming our best selves.”