The ND Summer Experience is about Fun, Challenge, and Achievement

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June 24 - July 12
8:00 am - 12:00 pm


Notre Dame High School
1 Notre Dame Way
West Haven, CT 06516 




Pasquale G. Izzo
(203) 937 - 3230

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The ND Summer Experience for boys entering the 6th, 7th, and 8th gradesThe three-week program offers the best of academics and recreation and focuses on these 5 C’s - critical thinking, competition, creativity, communication, and collaboration. Daily recreational activities will include baseball, basketball, capture the flag, dodgeball, flag football, kickball, knockout, ping pong, shooting contests, ultimate frisbee, and more. Participants will explore six subjects in fun and exciting ways — Esports (Apex Legends, Madden, FIFA, NBA 2K), standardized testing speed and agility, crime scene investigations, mindfulness, and leadership classes will keep campers engaged during the summer. Rotating recreation and academics, the boys will have fun, achieve, experience new challenges and enjoy success.

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Course Offerings:

Aviation Camp

Explore the exciting world of engineering by building & flying your own drones! Throughout the program, students will be introduced to basic drone components; electrical, mechanical, and aerospace engineering fundamentals; basic flight dynamics; and teamwork skills.

Learn how airplanes fly by piloting simulators and drones. Design wings, gliders, and compete in drone obstacle challenges! Fly simulators, drones, and let your dreams take flight! In this exciting aviation exploration laboratory, possibilities are bound only by imagination! Instructed by veteran pilots and aerospace engineers, this camp allows students to learn by doing and sparks early interest & motivation in STEM. Aviation Camp is run by Milestone C – Shaping Future STEM Leaders

Crime Scene Investigations...ND-CSI

What does it take to be a Crime Scene Investigator? Learn about Crime Scene Analysis, Physical Evidence, Fingerprinting, Impression Evidence, Hair and Fiber evidence, and more!

Escape Room

Digital Breakout boxes are a great way to fine tune leadership skills, collaboration and teamwork and utilize problem solving and critical thinking skills while having fun! In this class, each group will use a Chromebook and navigate the web to solve a series of puzzles ultimately unlocking a locked box containing a prize.


What makes a good game?  Esports (Apex Legends, Madden, FIFA, NBA 2K) campers will have an opportunity to play classic video games and enjoy contests in modern day gaming.

The Edge (Test Prep)

Get The Edge with Test  prep at ND! Students will learn the skills and techniques necessary to take standardized tests. Math and English vocab and comprehension skills will improve with speed and accuracy.

Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk

Find your voice in public speaking and video production. Learn how to deliver the news in front of a green screen. Learn how to make a presentation to your peers and adults and get your message across with confidence and class.   Any student can become a leader – whether shy or outgoing, task-oriented or free-spirited, straight-As or straight-Cs.

Zen Knights

Campers will experience the benefits of mindfulness and healthy living.  Yoga, stretching, and other activities are habits that should be learned and practiced while we’re young!

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Sample Schedule:

Camp Schedule

Basketball Camp / June 24 - July 3

12:00-3:00 pm $250 for 2 weeks

Whether you're a beginner or working towards making the high school team, our basketball camp will help you develop the fundamentals and skills necessary to compete and excel at basketball. We will also make sure you go home with multiple drills so you can continue to work on your game and improve as your season approaches. The staff is comprised of the Notre Dame Varsity Coaches including Head Basketball Coach, Jason Shea, so parents can feel confident that their sons and daughters are being taught by highly qualified coaches. This camp will sell out so register today!

Summer Camp kids playing