Congregation of the Holy Cross — About and Mission

For over a century, The Congregation of Holy Cross has established schools, as a continuation of the vision and legacy of the Venerable Basil Anthony Moreau, C.S.C., to cultivate minds and hearts to serve the needs of the Church and the world. Educational institutions sponsored by the Eastern Province of Brothers of the Congregation of Holy Cross are entrusted with the stewardship of the vision of Father Moreau. These institutions, in conjunction with their boards and faculties, demonstrate a concern for those in need and place all of their resources at the disposal of their students, parents, guardians, and other members of the wider community.
"An education that is complete is one in which the hands and heart are engaged as much as the mind. We want to let our students try their learning in the world and so make prayers of their educations."

—Blessed Basil Moreau, C.S.C.
Founder of Holy Cross
As effective educators, we assist those to whom we minister to view all reality throughout the eyes of faith. Holy Cross schools offer educational programs which foster the gifts of those with whom and for whom we work. In our schools, we teach the Catholic faith, we encourage the pursuit of academic excellence, and we nurture a commitment to integral growth by focusing on Christian values and the intellectual, creative, social, and physical development of our students. We encourage those whom we serve to challenge prejudice as well as unjust networks of power and privilege.
Holy Cross sponsored schools exist to promote the vision and legacy of Father Moreau and to develop leaders among the People of God for the good of Church and society.