We Are ND

Founded in 1946, Notre Dame of West Haven is rooted in the educational tradition of the Congregation of Holy Cross – the same religious community that operates more than a dozen Catholic high schools in the United States, and which founded five colleges including the prestigious University of Notre Dame.

What distinguishes the education offered at Notre Dame of West Haven is its experience and expertise in “teaching young adolescent males.” In educating each young man to his highest potential, Notre Dame makes 
hands-on learning an integral part of the college-prep curriculum. An honors program, AP classes, and courses that count for college credit position students for acceptance at first-rate colleges and universities – and our record of success is strong. These same courses, taught at other levels, create fertile soil for learning as well, and traditionally 97 percent of our graduates go on to college.

Rounding out the Notre Dame experience is a strong tradition of brotherhood and pride. Internally, the sense of brotherhood plays out in a school-wide atmosphere of respect for self and others. Externally, the sense of pride is reflected on the sports field (or court, or pool), in the arts, a host of club activities, and through a solid program of community service that reflects the values at the heart of a Notre Dame education.