Chromebook Initiative...One of a Kind

Enhancing Notre Dame High School's Curriculum & Instruction

Notre Dame announced in January of 2016 the next phase of our educational growth experience for both students and faculty alike.
Starting with the 2016-17 school year, each student will purchase a Chromebook as part of the Notre Dame academic requirements. This initiative will enhance and maximize the educational experience as well as exploit the move to Google Classroom and Google Apps for Education we have instituted the last few years.

According to research done by Director of Instructional Technology Mr. Brian Footit in the summer of 2015, Notre Dame will be one of the first private high schools in Connecticut using Chromebooks in a 1:1 environment.

In addition to the strong educational advantages of the Chromebook Initiative, families will save financially over the long haul as depicted on the cost savings analysis link to the right.

Finally, our mission of transformation, innovation, and transformation can be seen in this Chromebook Initiative as we maintain our goal of being on the cutting edge of today’s technological learning curve.

What are the educational advantages to a 1:1 program?
  • 1:1 Allows all students to have a consistent technology platform
  • 1:1 Allows teachers to prepare lessons enhanced by technology
  • 1:1 Facilitates the “flipped” model of learning outside of the classroom
  • 1:1 Promotes the school’s ability to deliver educational content to all students equally
  • 1:1 Allows considerable savings in the purchase and utilization of e-textbooks
  • 1:1 Allows management software to instantly push out material to all our students at one time without the need to download additional software
  • 1:1 Provides more time teaching and less time troubleshooting technology
  • 1:1 Continues building an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation
  • 1:1 Enables ND students who are entering from schools that had a 1:1 program to continue

What are the educational advantages of a Chromebook?
  • Provides most of the benefits of a traditional laptop with exceptional value (cost around $300)
  • Preparing students to use an electronic device for reading a textbook so that they are prepared for college-level work
  • Ease of use with no viruses, software updates, or installation of programs needed
  • Students are up and running on a Chromebook in seconds while in a classroom
  • Long battery life (9+ hours)
  • Tested and very durable
  • Long shelf-life as Chromebooks will always be supported by Google
  • Student online safety with firewall protection and content filters
  • Excellent three-year warranty coverage with a break-fix-replacement of the unit  in a matter of days
  • Thousands of useful apps, extensions, and add-ons all designed to enhance a learning atmosphere
  • E-textbooks are more interactive and often have built in current supplementary activity and review activities
  • E-Textbooks can never be forgotten at school as you have access to them at all times
  • Student own the device and can take it with them to college after graduating from ND