Introduction to Chromebooks

The resources on this page are designed to help Notre Dame parents and students with the1:1 rollout of the HP Chromebooks. Additionally, parents and students can refer to Notre Dame’s Acceptable Use Policy for guidance on responsible use of Notre Dame’s resources including computers, network, Internet and E-Mail services. Notre Dame High School has filtering safeguards in place to help protect your child from harmful content while using the Chromebooks on our school’s networks. No filter is 100% effective though. The Internet changes faster than filtering software can adapt. That's why we also work with each student to teach Internet safety and digital citizenship. Notre Dame High School fully complies with the filtering requirements mandated by the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Parents can also refer to OnGuard resources to learn more about keeping their kids safe online. is the federal government’s website to help you be safe, secure and responsible online.

Why Chromebooks?
  • Low maintenance: the Chromebook needs little, if any maintenance. It is a completely web-based device so there is no need for downloading or installing. There is less need for technical support.
  • Instant-on and all day battery: it's possible to get on the internet instantly.
  • Auto-save: Student work on the Chromebook saves automatically to the Google Cloud. No more excuses like "I forgot to save my homework!"
  • Personal Learning Studio: the Chromebook can be a science lab, literacy tool, research station, history archive, language lab, art canvas, video editing suite, and library.
  • Notre Dame is a Google Apps for Education school and the Chromebooks allow for the seamless integration of all Google has to offer.

Chromebook Basics

The Chromebook is a laptop-style device with an operating system that is basically an Internet browser. It is not like typical laptop. You cannot install programs on it, but rather this device relies on apps and extensions to be added. The Chromebook has a front-facing web camera, microphone, and 16GB of storage for offline files, and requires an Internet connection for most of its use. 
Follow this link for a complete description of the HP Chromebook.

Chromebook software is delivered via the Chrome Web Store. These are web-based applications that do not require installation space on a hard drive. Some applications, such as Google Drive, are available for offline use.

All Chromebooks are supplied with the latest build of Google Chrome Operating System (OS), and many other applications useful in an educational environment. The Chrome OS will automatically install available updates when the computer is shutdown and restarted.

From time to time the school may add software applications for use in a particular course. This process will be automatic with virtually no impact on students. Applications that are no longer needed will automatically be removed by the school as well.

Virus protection is unnecessary on the Chromebook due to the unique nature of its design.