The following opportunities are available for honors level students at Notre Dame.

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  • Moreau Honors Program

    Named for Blessed Basil Moreau, founder of the Brothers of Holy Cross, the two-year Moreau Honors Program invites freshman and sophomore participants to learn in a new, more interesting and challenging way. The curriculum includes Religion, English, Technology, and Social Studies, taught in an interdisciplinary format by the respective faculty members to highlight connections across disciplines and time. The interdisciplinary approach requires students to think beyond the obvious, engage in group projects, and learn to analyze in creative ways through higher-order thinking skills. 

    The Moreau Honors program is a two-year program for freshmen and sophomores. Freshmen are selected for the program based on their entrance exam results, middle school grades, and recommendations from their current middle school principal, counselor, and/or teachers. Sophomores are placed in the program based on their academic performance and recommendation of teachers. This unique program has an interdisciplinary approach with an emphasis on reading more challenging material and developing higher order thinking skills. A team of teachers, Religion, Social Studies, and English, teach in a cross-curriculum setting during an extended class period.
  • Advanced Placement Courses

    Notre Dame High School offers the following Advanced Placement courses:  Biology, Calculus AB, English Composition and Literature, Government & Politics, Italian, Spanish, U.S. History, Physics, and Studio Art.  Additional A.P. courses are available in the Virtual High School.  The Advanced Placement examinations are offered in May by the College Board.  Students who do well on these exams may receive college credit from the college they eventually attend.  Students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses (that are not ECE endorsed courses) are required to take the AP exam and are excused from Notre Dame’s final exam in the course.  Students will have a choice of whether or not to take the AP exam if the class is both AP and ECE endorsed.
  • UConn ECE Program

    Through the University of Connecticut (UConn) Early College Experience Program, many Notre Dame students earn college credit for courses they take while at Notre Dame. Not every high school can offer this – only those with faculty whose caliber and credentials qualify them to serve as adjunct professors for UConn. Notre Dame currently offers college-credit courses in Math, Music, English, Latin, Italian and Spanish. Typically, some 90 young men earned from 3 to 15 UConn (transferable) credits each academic year. Not only does this joint program give students a jump-start on college, but it allows for greater flexibility in scheduling (and/or changing majors) once there. In some cases, work done while at Notre Dame has opened time needed for work or an internship during college. In other cases, it has saved parents a full semester of college tuition.
  • College Credit Courses

    Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to take college credit courses at Albertus Magnus College, Gateway Community College, University of New Haven, and Yale University. Courses are offered in all academic areas. Approval of the Assistant Principal is required to take these courses during the school day. The student has the option of including these courses on his permanent record. For detailed information on each program, download and read this document - ND and College Partnerships!
  • Virtual High School

    Notre Dame High School students are able to take online courses through our partnership with the Virtual High School (VHS). This provides students with the opportunity to take standards-based, student centered, online courses that expand their educational opportunities and help develop 21st century skills. There are presently more than 200 courses offered, and they are designed and delivered to promote a high quality collaborative learning environment in which student exchange and interaction is a valued component of the instructional process. Courses matriculated through the Virtual High School will be posted on the student's transcript. These courses will be included in the students GPA and will be added to the credits required for Graduation. Students need an overall 85 average and permission from their Guidance Counselor in order to matriculate VHS courses. For additional information, please visit