Extended Study Program

Description:  The Notre Dame High School Extended Study Program provides an opportunity for all seniors to acquire first hand experiences in a job and complete an extended service project before graduation. The student participates six hours a day, five days per week, for approximately three weeks from Monday, May 2 to Friday, May 20.  Each individual's program is developed between the placement site and the student.  While in this program, regular academic classes are suspended for the student.  A program cannot be developed at an institution where a student is already employed.
This program is an excellent way to gain insight into your own future career path and decisions.  Students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses will be required to return to school and complete the AP Exams on the assigned dates.  The placement site should be made aware of this testing in advance in order to accommodate scheduling.
1. All seniors who have an average of 80 and no course failures for senior year will be eligible to participate
2. Seniors who are not on academic or disciplinary probation.  Any senior who is on probation may at this time apply in writing to the principal requesting to be removed from probation.  If a senior is granted permission to be removed from probation they may then apply for Extended Study.
3. Seniors who violate the school attendance policy and/or have more than 4 tardies per term are not eligible to participate.
4. Seniors must complete an Extended Study Application (application linked to the right) and be granted permission to participate by the Assistant Principal.
5. Seniors cannot receive any payment for their work in the program.                       
6. All financial obligations to Notre Dame High School must be met prior to the program.     

Please read section below for program requirements!

Extended Study Program Requirements

1. A typed proposal outlining the program must be completed by Monday April 4, 2016 and submitted to Mr. Laput.
2. A faculty advisor to oversee the program's completion will be assigned.
3. A daily journal/log must be submitted by email to the advisor on May 9, 16, and 24, 2016.  This log should detail the experiences and reflections of the student and will be turned in to Mr. Laput with the final summary report.
4. A three page typed summary report must be submitted to the faculty advisor by Tuesday, May 24, 2016.  It will answer the following questions based on the Extended Study experience:
   - what I have learned about myself...
   - what I have learned about the career...
   - what I have learned about other people...
   - what I have learned about the institution in which I worked...
5. Students will work six hours a day during the second half of the third term.  No school vacations or holidays will be observed by students participating in Extended Study.
6. Participants will receive the third term grade they have in progress when the program begins.
7. Students enrolled in an on-line course must complete the class(es).
8. Students who fail to complete all of the stated requirements will not graduate with their class and will be required to attend summer school to make up lost credits.

Extended Study Video Reflections

Notre Dame caught up with five members of our graduating class following their extended study experience.

Tyler Daddio — UConn

Luke Sofair — Yale Hospital


Colton Kopcik — State of CT Judicial Branch


Eddie Falcigno — Northwestern Mutual


Gabe Sparks — Bridgeport Bluefish