What is Notre Dame's Electronic Portfolio?

The purpose of the electronic portfolio is to showcase the work you completed during your four years at Notre Dame for you, your parents, teachers, prospective colleges, or even a potential employer. You will create a unique portfolio that will contain examples of your work that demonstrate your understanding of various subject matters. The purpose of the submitted assignments or projects is to prove you successfully satisfied each stated outcome Notre Dame has established in order to graduate.

The ultimate goal is to illustrate your growth over time by demonstrating an understanding of your own work, as well as applying knowledge to a particular situation, problem, exercise, or activity from class.

The artifact document required to be filled out is a google doc that is shared with each student and available on their google drive.

Click link below to see the Electronic Portfolio Requirements.


Electronic Portfolio Contact

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  • Mr. Joseph Ramirez 

    Asst Principal Classes '14 & '16; Social Studies Teacher; Chair: School Improvement Committee
    (203) 933-1673 x216
    Fairfield University - MA
    Boston College - BA