Notre Dame Committees

Notre Dame has five school committees in place that allow administration, faculty, and selected students to meet on a monthly basis for many aspects of school life and to make sure the school achieves its mission.

They are as follows:

Academic Board Committee          Mission Effectiveness Committee

Advancement Committee              School Improvement Committee

Student Life Committee

Please review descriptions of each committee below.

Academic Board

The Academic Board is made up of the following: the Assistant Principal of Academic Affairs, as Chairperson, and the Department Chairpersons; Directors of Guidance; Director of Instructional Development; Library/Media Specialist; and student representatives.

It concerns itself with academic policies of the school and makes recommendations to the Administration. It is the responsibility of the Department Chairpersons to solicit input from and to report to the members of his/her department regarding the agenda and issues under discussion. A secretary is appointed to take minutes of meetings of the Academic Board. Normally, meetings are held once a month.

Mission Effectiveness Committee

The Mission Effectiveness Committee is composed of both faculty and student members seeking to support the integration of the Gospel, as expressed in the mission of the Congregation of Holy Cross, throughout the experience of the Notre Dame High School Community. Members assist the Campus Minister in the conception and design of prayer, retreat, and service experiences throughout the academic year. Key to the Committee’s mission is Blessed Basil Moreau’s guidance: the minds of students will never be cultivated at the expense of their hearts. Our goal then, is to deepen our school community’s experience of faith including development of new methods of sharing that mission through prayer and service learning.

Advancement Committee

The Advancement Committee is made up of faculty, staff, and students who work closely with the Advancement Department to promote the Mission of Notre Dame High School. The purpose of the committee is the following: Provide strategic insights and recommendations to advance Notre Dame High School in the local community; Assess and provide new and creative ways to market the school; Optimize methods of retention for students currently enrolled; Update the school community on fund raising and current developments in the Advancement Department.

School Improvement Committee

The mission of the School Improvement Committee is to promote a stimulating and challenging learning environment which supports excellence and continuous improvement. This committee will be made up of faculty and under the leadership of the Assistant Principals. The goals of the committee will be the following: Make recommendations about how to gather data, types of information needed, and methods of reporting finding; Develop methods to analyze data and share results with school administrators; Work with the Academic Board for planning, implementing, and revising curriculum based on data-driven decision making; Establish a pattern of continuous improvement based on the review of school data.

Student Life Committee

The Student Life Committee will act as an advisory committee to the Assistant Principal of Student Life. It concerns itself with all aspects of the students experience at Notre Dame including student activities, climate, environment, respect for the building and one another, and reviews the Student Handbook at the end of the year with recommendations for possible changes. The Board will be made up of members of faculty and student representatives.