Why Do We Require Admissions Testing?

Here at Notre Dame, we don’t believe the application process should be intimidating -- so let’s remove some of the doubts and fears often associated with applying to a private high school. Here’s what we consider during our Admissions Test:

#1: We want to get to know who YOU are!

We aren’t looking for cookie-cutter students here, which is why we take many factors into consideration during the admissions process.

One way we do so is through the Character Skills Assessment. This online tool provides us with a comprehensive view of each applicant without the stress of a formal exam. There are no wrong answers; the assessment is meant to help us better understand you, your abilities and the ways we can help you reach your highest potential.

#2: Standardized Tests aren't everything.

While the SSAT is one of the benchmark indicators that help us review applicants, it is not the ultimate deciding factor.

We know that, for some students, standardized tests do not reflect their true potential in the classroom. That’s why we also make admissions decisions based on an individual’s whole-person potential.

#3: We Value your personal skills and experience.

Ultimately, our admissions decisions are based on leadership skills, community involvement, recommendations, prior standardized testing, and challenging course work completed prior to arrival to Notre Dame.  

Want to learn more about the ND Admissions process? 
Contact Mr. Pasquale G. Izzo, Director of Enrollment Management '00 (203.937.3230) or Mr. Christopher M. DeFrancesco '09, Assistant Director of Enrollment Management (203.937.3225).

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