Class of 2021 - Students currently in 8th grade

Rolling Admissions Applicants for Grade 9 - Fall of 2017
Rolling Admissions—Students who are currently in 8th grade and would like to apply to Notre Dame High School should first, create an online Admissions Account. After that has been completed, please log into your account to schedule a KNIGHT For A DAY (shadow visit)/Interview and contact the Admissions Office to schedule an Admissions Test at 203-937-3225.  

You can create your Admissions Account and find out more about a Shadow Day and what information must be handed in to complete the application by clicking the button on the top right of this page or by clicking here - CREATE YOUR ONLINE ADMISSIONS ACCOUNT

  • All applicants must create an online admissions account. You can start this process by clicking the button on the top right of this page or by clicking here CREATE YOUR ONLINE ADMISSIONS ACCOUNT.
  • KNIGHT For A Day (Shadow Visit)/Interview- Students may set up a shadow day at any time. Please log into your admissions account to find a day that is available to visit.  
The following material must be submitted to Notre Dame.  After all forms are returned, and the Admissions Testing is completed, the Admissions Office will contact you with a decision.   
  1. Application
  2. Application Fee
  3. KNIGHT For A Day/ Interview 
  4. Teacher Recommendation
  5. Principal/Guidance Counselor Recommendation
  6. Academic Transcript