Visit us — Be a KNIGHT for a Day

The best way to tell if Notre Dame is the right choice for you is to visit our campus. You will:

Meet students.
Talk with teachers and coaches.
Spend time in the cafeteria.
Sit in on a class.
To schedule a visit, log in to your Online Admissions Account or call 203-933-1673 or email
Our on-campus events are another great way to get a feel for the Notre Dame community:
  • attend Open House
  • take in a football or basketball game
  • come to a concert or play
These events and others are listed on our Calendar page. Whatever you choose, know that you – students and parents – are our welcome guests.
If you have additional questions about Notre Dame, please contact
Mr. Pasquale G. Izzo ’00, Director of Admissions
203-933-1673 x501