Class of 1967 Reunion

Dear Members of the Class of 1967,
I was getting acquainted with your class recently by looking through the 1967 Shield and saw many snapshots of the life and personality of your class…the extraordinary Spring Festival (featuring Royal Knights, Singing Knights, and Dancing Knights!), Swim Team State Champions, athletic teams, numerous clubs, and, of course, academic achievement. I wondered who it might have been that inspired you some 50 years ago. Was it a particular Brother of Holy Cross, or lay teacher, or coach? Was it classmates or teammates? While the answer may be different for each of you, I imagine those formative years “on the hill” helped shape the great Notre Dame Men that you are today.
Since I arrived at Notre Dame last year, I have been so impressed by the dedication and loyalty that our alumni have for their alma mater. I hear about respect, and Christian values, and lifelong friendships. I have also heard some “legendary” stories that I am sure get better each time they are told!
I invite you to come back to rekindle those special memories and share your Notre Dame stories at your 50th Reunion during the weekend of May 26– 28.  Your Reunion Committee has been working tirelessly for over a year to plan a wonderful celebration for the Class of 1967. I hope every member of your class will participate in the weekend’s festivities, so please save the dates!
So far, plans include golf on Friday, a “class” night at Lorenzo’s on Friday night, a class dinner with spouses/guests at Anthony’s on Saturday evening, and special events at Notre Dame on Sunday in conjunction with our 68th Commencement.

To the right, you can find lists of the committee members, the names of your deceased classmates, and five classmates for whom we do not have a current address. I ask that if you know the whereabouts of any of them, please contact the Advancement Office—203.937.3214 or one of the committee members. Our goal is to get in touch with everyone about this milestone event.
Whether you have remained connected to Notre Dame over the years—or this would be your first visit back since graduation—I hope you will join us. You are significant to the foundation of this great school and have helped nurture a tradition that continues to grow even stronger with every graduating class.

Robert F. Curis

Weekend Events

Please check back for times and prices.

Fri. 5/26       Golf at Alling Memorial Golf Club
                   Class Night at Lorenzo's Restaurant
Sat. 5/27      Class Dinner at Anthony's Ocean View
Sun. 5/28     10:00 AM   Notre Dame's 68th Commencement 
                    11:30 AM   Luncheon & Golden Diploma Ceremony 
                    12:45 PM   Class Liturgy  

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  • 1967 Class Roster

  • Committee Members

    Bob Dargan - 203.488.5326 -
    Jim DeFrancesco - 203.288.9097 -
    Frank Gargano - 203.215.4665 -
    Stan Konesky - 203.481.3218 -
    Jerry Santore - 203.281.1757 - 
  • Deceased Classmates

    In Prayerful Memory...

    Robert Benson 
    Kevin P. Campane
    Ed G. Coker
    Andrew J. Criscuolo
    Gerald L. Delise
    William J. Dinneen
    Thomas Fitzgerald
    Andrew B. Gianelli
    Kevin Glynn
    Gerald A. Heffernan
    Michael J. Kelly
    Robert T. Law
    John M. Markiewicz
    William Menchion
    Joseph F. Monaco
    James J. Mormile
    David Peck
    Mark C. Penders
    Robert E. Phelan
    Leslie J. Prokop
    Ralph V. Raffone
    James F. Riccio
    Paul M. Sabetta
    Mark P. Schaefer
    Donald R. Sirois
    Robert Tarutis
    John Whalen
    David J. Zemke
  • Lost Classmates

    Michael L. Bruno
    Edward Konesky
    William Lapia
    William Menchion
    Paul P. White
…the Notre Dame Man is always a gentleman. He cultivates genuine friendships with good companions.  He is a worthwhile citizen who strives to promote the common good by serving his God, his country and his community.
In a word, a man of faith and honesty, of strength and character through self-mastery, of respect for the Christian family and lawful authority, of leadership in the pursuit of good - that is a NOTRE DAME MAN.
                                                                – from the Notre Dame Code