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College Counseling

Notre Dame is known for the excellence of its college admissions process. As sophomores, students are encouraged to explore careers and colleges using Naviance, an Internet-based software program that includes SAT/ACT test preparation and can also be accessed from home.

In collaboration with Sacred Heart Academy, Notre Dame sponsors an annual College Fair Night in early October. More than 100 college and university representatives are in attendance to answer questions, provide information, and distribute materials on their college.

In the college selection process, junior year is key. The School Counselor begins by reviewing each student’s scores on the PSAT to help better prepare for the SAT. Students then meet on a regular basis with their counselor to review the Naviance program; how to search for a college; what a college is looking for; resume building; the college application form and teacher recommendations; and college visits and interviews. In the spring, each student’s school counselor meets with him and his family to help organize a list of colleges that mirror his interest and academic ability.

In senior year, the Department continues its review and support for each student. We recommend that all applications be completed and turned into the Counseling Office by mid-November.

A Notre Dame student begins his college counseling process during his freshman year – setting expectations and goals early. By senior year, he is prepared to take the lead to find the college that will meet his educational and career needs.  As a result, our students find success at the college of their choice. Over 94% of Notre Dame students return to the same institution for their college sophomore year.

One of the roles of school counselor is to help find and facilitate the college search process so the student enrolls into the school were he will find academic and social success.

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College Visit Tips

When making an appointment for a college visit, keep the following in mind:

  1. In your inquiry, request a definite date and time

  2. Ask if they offer an interview

  3. If you are interested in athletics you may want to coordinate a meeting with a Coach at the same time.

  4. Take pictures and notes about your thoughts and observations.

Some Questions to ask at the College Visit:

  1. What are the strongest departments at the college?

  2. What sizes are classes generally?  For freshmen? For upperclassmen?

  3. How do I compare academically with students already attending this school?

  4. What do students do after they graduate?  Do they go on to postgraduate studies? What percentage are employed upon graduation?

  5. What kinds of cultural, sports, and literary activities are offered on campus?  What do you do during your free time?

  6. What percentage of students remain on campus during weekends?

  7. What kinds of living accommodation are there?  Dorms? Private apartments? What percentage of students live off campus?

  8. Can freshmen select their own roommates? What are the housing options for freshmen?

  9. Are sports available for the average player?  Ask about specific activities that interest you.

  10. What kind of student is generally the most successful or happiest at this college?

  11. What percentage of the students receive financial aid?

  12. How much importance is placed on social activities and other extracurricular activities?

  13. Why did you choose to go here?

  14. What are your 3 favorite things about going to school here?

  15. Where do you spend most of your time?

  16. Who are the 3 people who helped you the most on campus your first year?

“My favorite part of teaching at ND is witnessing the maturation of young boys who enter as freshmen, and graduate as confident and compassionate men. These four years are incredibly transformative.”  Carmen Gunneson, Faculty & Chair, Foreign Language Department

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