For Notre Dame young men, student success is not simply defined by a test score

...or a report card, or an acceptance letter. Here, student success means so much more.

It means building the character to lead, to stand up for your ideals, and to strive for excellence. It means gaining the confidence to follow your passions and excel in the most challenging situations. It means cultivating the compassion to serve others and strive to make a meaningful impact. 

At Notre Dame, student success is as diverse as the ND young men who are pursuing their potential in personal, innovative ways every day.

ND embraces all learners

We are a community with the systems in place to empower each Notre Dame student to build on his strengths and realize his full potential.

The outcome

ND nurtures every young man’s passion for learning and spiritual development to not only help him build a foundation for life, but also set him on the right path for his personal success.

“Our son truly fulfills ND’s promise of confidence, compassion and character. His confidence and character landed him a higher pay position in his first job. He acquired these skills at Notre Dame.”  Matthew and Domenica Pekar P'18

Find Success as an ND Student.   

What Does Student Success Look Like at Notre Dame?

Student Success is Strategic Here.

  • The Student Success Partnership between school, student and family ensures that all ND students receive the supports necessary to excel.
  • Our classrooms and community put students at the center of the learning experience, making each young man personally accountable for his achievements.
  • Student-led conferences help all ND students become self-advocates and independent learners -- skills they take with them to higher education and beyond.
  • Our designated Student Success Center provides school counseling, college counseling and academic support services to improve student growth and outcomes.
  • Our deep relationships with colleges, universities and the ND alumni family provide our students with unmatched opportunities for their futures.

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