Summer Enrichment Courses

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Class of 2021 College Essay Course

Tuition: $400

In this highly personalized course, students will write their College Essay.  We begin with brainstorming activities so students can review their academic careers, personal experiences and values.  We review the First-year essay prompts from the Common Application and match these with their personal stories to highlight each student’s individuality.  We consider the role the essay plays in their admission profile, look at best practices and read a wide variety of sample essays that were successful in helping students be admitted to the college of their choice.  Students will write two or three drafts, do peer editing, and conference individually with the teacher.  

Completion of this two-week eight-hour course will not only satisfy the English department’s summer requirement but also make considerable progress towards the College Essay requirement of their senior year Notre Dame English course.


Geometry Honors & Trigonometry Honors (Level 3)

Tuition: $700

This course is intended for the gifted mathematics student. The geometry portion of the course teaches use of logical skills with special attention to deduction and induction. The topics covered are points, lines, planes, angles, polygons, circles, and arcs. The relationships discussed are congruence, similarity, parallelism, perpendicularity, area, length, distance, and ratio.  Algebra applications are integrated into the course through problem solving. Also included are the study of volumes of solids and coordinate geometry.

The trigonometry portion of the course will focus on trigonometry and how it is applied. Topics include triangle trigonometry, the Unit Circle, radians and degrees, applications of radians, special right triangles, the law of sines, and the law of cosines. There will be an introduction to the trigonometric functions as well as inverse trigonometric functions.

Requirements for placement: 90 or above in Algebra II Honors and teacher permission. This course has limited enrollment.