Class of 2022 Breaks New Ground at ND

Class of 2022 Breaks New Ground at ND

Chandler Dicks '22 came to Notre Dame from Wintergreen Magnet School in Hamden. As a first-year Moreau Honors student, he developed his critical thinking skills through our integrated curriculum (English, Religious Studies and Social Studies) that challenges the students to consider themes across disciplines and eras. What Chandler learned last year prepared him for the three honors classes he is taking this year, English, Math, and Biology. His Moreau Honors classmates continue together in their Sophomore Religious Studies Class, Christ and the Sacraments. Chandler's participation in Moreau Honors made him enthusiastic about starting his sophomore year. "We learned a lot in freshman year through the projects our teachers assigned. We had a lot of freedom in the classroom to work together. The teachers gave us good study guides, and they made learning fun."

Aspiring engineers, Jacob Bauer '22, and Krish Shah '22, both Moreau Honors students, enrolled in the Technology, Engineering, and Design (T/E/D) Program. Jacob chose this track because of his desire to study astrodynamics to achieve his dream of becoming an astronaut. Krish went in this direction because of his interest in computer science. "I know that having a background in engineering is going to help me in any area of computer science." Bauer joined us from Our Lady of Mercy Preparatory Academy (Madison), and Shah came to ND from Harborside Middle School (Milford.)

West Haven resident Alan Lopez '22 is one of many students to come to Notre Dame from Saint Martin de Porres Academy in New Haven. Alan played soccer throughout middle school, and he is now on ND's Varsity Soccer Team. He often noticed ­­­­different lengths of time it was taking athletes to recover from an injury. He saw his opportunity to learn more through the new Sports Medicine signature program. "This year, we are learning the basics; I'm very excited about what lies ahead when we get to learn more through practical work."

What advice would these sophomore veterans give to any 8th grader considering ND?

Bauer: "Don't worry about not finding something for you or not fitting in. There are so many special interest groups and people with the same common interests. You will be forming friendships after the first day. Everyone feels like a part of one big family."

Lopez: "I would tell them that it is a great opportunity to learn more and learn more about who you are, too. You get to meet many great people, and you can have fun in school. It is important to get good grades then you can have fun after. Lastly, the brotherhood at this school is insane and people are going to help you with anything you would need."

Shah: I would tell him to come here for a plethora of reasons. One, the sense of brotherhood. Two, the great teachers. Three, the number of options you have when it comes to clubs, athletics, academics, and much more."

Dicks: "The academics are great and will help you get into a good college. If you are struggling, there is plenty of help to get you back in your game. There are lots of opportunities for sports, but stay focused on your studies."

Notre Dame built these signature programs around the four 'C'-s of 21 st Century Teaching and Learning: Communication; Collaboration; Creativity; and Critical Thinking.