Garth Ragsdale '21 Awarded Full Scholarship to USC

Notre Dame High School is proud to announce the academic accomplishments of Garth Ragsdale '21 of Westport, Connecticut.

Ragsdale has been awarded a full scholarship to the University of Southern California through the QuestBridge National College Match Program.

QuestBridge is a national nonprofit based in Palo Alto, California. Their goal is to match bright, low-income students with some of the most exceptional colleges and universities in the country. Not only does QuestBridge help match high school students with their dream colleges but they work with them through their college careers and into their first job after graduation. QuestBridge's work helps to guide these students to their fullest potential. The college match scholarship packages include tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, and travel expenses. With the help of QuestBridge, these Match Scholarship Recipients can focus on their education instead of student debt.

Ragsdale recalls the moment when he found out he had been matched with the University of Southern California, "I was in my room and got an email that the match decisions had been released. I opened the portal and checked the status update and said 'Oh my goodness! No way!'. I was completely shocked and didn't know how to react," Ragsdale said. "I sprinted downstairs to tell my brother and he was also super shocked. I eventually forced my mother out of her nail appointment to come open the decision herself!"

In order to be considered for QuestBridge's matching program, there is a rigorous and extremely competitive application process. Over 18,500 students applied for the QuestBridge National College Match program and Ragsdale was among the 1,464 finalists who were matched with top colleges.

"We are all very proud of Garth. He is well-deserving of this outstanding opportunity," said Notre Dame President Robert F. Curis. "Over 4 years, Garth has matured into a young man confident and ready to pursue his passions and interests. He has worked hard in the classroom and has been an asset to our athletic programs and extracurricular clubs. We wish him success in his new endeavors at USC."