Michael Iasalvatore '20 recognized by Connecticut Student Writers Magazine

Two Worlds

by Michael Iasalvatore '20

Selected for an honorable mention in the 31st issue of Connecticut Student Writers (CSW) magazine

Annoying, obnoxious, too high pitched for 5:45 in the morning, mom. “MOM, 5 MORE MINUTES.” I yelled. “ALEXANDER RONALD, NOW!” Exhausted from practice last night, I rolled myself out of bed and threw on the first shirt I saw. After looking in the mirror, I concluded that the shirt was in fact not mine as about half of the fabric was missing. “MARISSA!” I yelled from my bedroom. “How many times have I told you to stop pulling this prank, you know this just is not my color.” “Hate to break it to you Alex, but that isn’t your look either. Clearly “The Edge” membership tag on your keychain is just there for decoration.” I did NOT deserve this level of harassment, I opted out of breakfast and hopped in my car. After pulling out of the driveway I turned on the radio and immediately turned it off, Maroon 5, a flaming pile of garbage. Pulling into school was always interesting, you never quite knew what you were going to see. Unnecessary PDA, twerking to whatever sub-par album was released that month, coffees spread about, you became accustomed to peoples complete disregard of the fact that a several thousand-pound piece of metal was rolling towards them. I parked, grabbed my coffee and made my way to the door. I heard shouting...but I just assumed it was the jocks egging on the cheerleaders twerking. Then it hit me, literally, a car. Tessa’s junky car’s brakes failed as she was hurtling through the parking lot. I heard and saw people sprinting towards me as this happened, but they stopped all at once. After hitting the ground, I opened my eyes and stood up, wondering why everything was black and white. I saw Skeletons, walking into the school with backpacks and books and coffee. I looked at my hands, they were there, which was a good thing if we’re trying to make something positive out of this unusual experience. I noticed that on my wrists were two arrows. One going up, the other going down in a fine line; it almost looked as though it was stitched onto my arm. I turned my hands over, then back towards my face and the color returned to the world, followed by gasps and yelling. Everyone was around me at this point. Staff, students, the janitor, even that weird tech guy who always smells like a Russian cab driver. They were all asking me how I did it, but in all honesty, I had no idea what I did. I flipped my wrists over again; apparently, I was gone because the crowd looked panicked. I walked through the people surrounding the spot where I was and rushed back to my car. I put it in drive and pulled out of the spot. Flying out of the parking lot I turn onto the two-lane main road and I pull up next to a little Toyota at a light. Based upon the expression on the little old lady’s face next to me, I figured the fact that I was invisible did not mean that my car was. As the light turned green and I drove off, the lady was getting honked at. Worrying that I put her into cardiac arrest, I looked in my rearview mirror to make sure that she wasn’t still at the light. After watching her crawl onto the sidestreet I slammed on my breaks, more skeletons. They were talking about some weird things though, SPAM Ham in a Can, VCR, Bruce Springsteen? I’m pretty sure that’s a type of Christmas tree or was that Douglas Fir...dead people are weird. I got home and flipped my hands, the dead people were gone but I still heard yelling. “ALEXANDER THOMAS SAINTSMAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING HOME IN THE MIDDLE OF FIRST PERIOD.” My mom yelled from the kitchen window “MOM I NEED YOUR HELP.” I yelled back. “DON'T YELL AT ME YOUNG MAN!” This woman is ridiculous. I got inside and met her in the kitchen, “Mom please you have to he-” she interrupted me. “Ohhh no don’t give me that, get yourself back to school NOW.” I figured it was better to show her than tell her, I flipped my wrists and watched as she stumbled backward. Obviously freaked out she started yelling so I came back to the real world. “I just wanted things to be normal, but you go and drag this, this sickness into my HOME? Don’t come back until you’re cured.” she snapped. “Mom this isn’t my fault I didn’t ask for this to happen and I’m scared. I don’t know what happens but when I’m, not here, I see and hear dead people.” I replied. Without missing a beat she came back with, “You aren’t my son, you’re insane. Now get OUT!”. Angry with what had just happened, I flipped my wrists; but it felt different this time. I was still in color and I could hear my mom yelling “NO GO AWAY GET OUT!” Fuming with anger the table started to float on what looked like fog, it whipped across the kitchen. The arrows on my wrists were glowing and my veins were popping. I floated through the wall and flew over my house, then my school, landing on the beach. I slumped onto the sand and thought about everything that happened, why now? My in-depth reflection session was disturbed by yet more high-pitched yelling, “Mom?” I said out loud. “I see freaks run in the family,” said a younger, equally as obnoxious voice, Marissa. “What are you doing here?  What is this and why is it happening to me?” I asked desperately. “Isn’t it wonderful?” she replied, walking towards me with her wrists glowing. “No.” I said sternly, “It is not wonderful. I want to be normal again Marissa stop it.” “Shut up!” She yelled as skeletons came running towards me. I didn’t think I could fight until I raised my hands to protect myself and a clear shield came out of my wrists. I looked up and realized that I could in fact fight. I pushed the shield away from me and it blasted towards Marissa. “Let’s go.” She said slyly to me as she grinned. She raised her hands and formed several spears of the black smoke and sent them flying towards me. Finding out that I too had that smokey stuff, I wrapped them in a swirl of it, spun around and sent them flying back towards her. She charged at me, black swords in each hand. I stood my ground and created two orbs of smoke. Almost as if they were connected to my hands I flung them towards her as zombies emerged from them. She chopped them down in two seconds and I felt bad that they’d died twice, but this was no time for sympathy. I flung sent the orbs spinning towards her and actually made contact, she went flying across the sand. As I was celebrating, Marissa stood up and stopped the orbs dead in their tracks while they were coming towards me. She was stronger than me but I was smarter, I let go of the orbs and let her send them at me. When they reached me I flipped my wrists and went back to the human world, the orbs went right through me. Flipping back to the spirit realm I heard Marissa yelling in annoyance. “This is getting annoying.” Muttered Marissa. We charged towards each other again with weapons in hand and battled in hand to hand combat. She slashed my arm and I stumbled back, apparently, you could get hurt in the spirit realm. I got up and got angry, four swords hovered over my head. I sent the swords towards her and fought using my mind. I had always dreamed about having a superpower, but I never thought that I would be fighting my sister with it. They wore her down and I blasted her with one more wave of smoke. “Well, you won. Congratulations, finish it off.” she groaned. “I’m not going to kill you, Marissa, at the end of the day you’re still my sister.” I raised my hand, pointed at her and flipped my wrist; hoping something would happen...and it did. The smoke formed around her and I watched her fade into view. This was by far the weirdest day I had ever experienced, and emotionally draining as well. I still didn’t know how this happened or why it happened, but it did and in all honesty, it’s pretty cool. As I floated away from the beach, the only though running through my mind was, “who am I going to haunt first?”