Moreau Honors students explore New Haven's famous museums

On Thursday, November 7th, Mrs. LaMonaca, Mrs. Abbott,  and Mr. Kern took the Freshman Moreau students to visit both the Yale Peabody Museum and Yale Art Museum in New Haven.

Students in the Moreau Program (an interdisciplinary combining the studies of English, Religion, and World Cultures) studied Gilgamesh, Genesis, and ancient Mesopotamia first quarter and are transitioning into Immigration, Exodus, and ancient Egypt second quarter. The students spent time with a docent-led tour of the Ancient Babylon exhibit where they saw an actual page from Gilgamesh on a 5000-year-old clay tablet, a full-scale replica of Hammurabi’s law code, and learned more about life in ancient Mesopotamia, followed by a class inside the Egyptian display where they saw actual mummies!

The students then had lunch in the Hall of Mammals, followed by a digital scavenger hunt before taking the bus to the Art Museum. In the Art Museum, the docents led the students to displays on Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Rome, and early Christianity and challenged them to draw, write stories, and ask questions of the pieces that they were studying. Following a few minutes of free time, the students then headed back to ND.

This was a perfect time to visit, as students made connections with current and future coursework. As a culmination of this trip, each student selected an object from the Peabody to further research and in a “choose your own adventure style,” wrote a proposal for a project he would like to complete on it for World Cultures.