ND Juniors in Fall Confirmation Classes

Like all rites of passage, 2020 Confirmation classes had to adapt. In most parishes, the Sacrament of Confirmation was conferred by the pastor rather than the bishop.  

Pictured Right: Father Daniel Keefe '75, the pastor of St. John Bosco Parish, Branford, confirms a member of the 2020 Confirmation class at St. Mary Church. 

St John Bosco, Branford

Gabriel Bravo-Cancino '22
Austin Collins '22
Andrew Coppola '22
Christopher Kovaci '22
Brendan Mele '22
Mason Moore '22
Josh True '22

Divine Mercy, Hamden
Anthony Abbott '22 
Christian Bruno '22 *
David Mc Groary '22 *
Noel Roldan '22

Precious Blood, Milford
Dylan Ekstrand '22
David Fabian '22
Trevor Knotwell '22
Ryan Mendola '22
Nicholas Pavelko '22
Matthew Rosati '22
Justin Simoncek '22
Joseph Tiberio '22
Jack Weber '22 *

Christ the Redeemer, Milford
Christopher Prete '22

Our Lady of Guadalupe, New Haven
Nicholas Castillo '22

St. Thomas the Apostle Oxford
Nicholas Gugliotti '22

St. James, Stratford
Christian Alino '22

Pictured Right: At Precious Blood Parish, Jack Weber '22 was sponsored by his sister Carly; his cousin Maddy Paine was sponsored by her brother Frank Paine  '18. 

*Alumni Fathers of the Confirmation Class
Wayne Bruno '73 – Christian
David McGroary '83 – David
Richard Weber '90 – Jack