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"As we enter the third year of our strategic plan, Educating Minds and Hearts 2020, we pledge our unwavering commitment to our students...the faculty, coaches, and administration of Notre Dame High School will do their utmost, transforming Notre Dame boys to men while together we practice respect, learn to value family, and find strength in brotherhood."
Robert at Graduation

At Notre Dame, we want to ensure that every student has the opportunity and the confidence to pursue their academic and extracurricular interests.  We are thrilled to officially launch four new signature programs to students, including technology, engineering, and design ( T/ E / D ), video production, sports medicine, and leadership.  Students can explore their current passions and discover new passions that will serve them well beyond their formative years as Notre Dame men.

Robert With Students

Notre Dame’s outstanding fine arts department provides students with the freedom to explore multiple outlets of expression. Over 55% of students participate in band, chorus, and studio art classes, and the array of courses offered creates opportunities for students to discover their new talents.  As students sharpen their skills in the studio and on the stage, they continuously cultivate the confidence to perform and create.

We encourage students to continue their involvement in the Notre Dame community outside of the classroom.  With over 40 extracurricular clubs, intramural sports, and other activities, our students have the ability to fully participate in the Notre Dame experience.

Learning may be changing and technology is always moving and improving, so we remain committed to academic innovations that support our basic value proposition: transforming boys to men and providing a safe and stable environment where opportunities for mental, physical, social and spiritual growth are plentiful.  

Mind: Our dedicated faculty and administration continue to explore best practices for a relevant and meaningful 21st-century education.

Heart: Our commitment to know your son and guide him as he discerns and learns independence while making good choices.

As we enter the third year of our Strategic Plan: Educating Minds and Hearts 2020, we pledge our unwavering commitment to our students. The timeless words of Blessed Basil Moreau, the founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross, inspire all of us: “How we educate the mind will change with the times; how we cultivate the heart will remain timeless.” For over 70 years, the faculty, coaches, and administration of Notre Dame High School have done their utmost, guiding Notre Dame boys to learn respect, value family, and find strength in brotherhood. More than 12,000 alumni are a testament to the dedication and commitment of the Brothers of Holy Cross, and we are all humbled, enthusiastic, and honored to continue their legacy.

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As helpful as it might be, our website is only an introduction to what Notre Dame is all about.

I encourage you to visit our school. Meet our teachers, watch a classroom in action, see our young men in the hallways, at lunch, in band practice, or at a sporting event. Our sense of community and who we are is evident and celebrated. The strength of our Holy Cross foundation cultivates and transforms young men with character, compassion, and confidence. You will start to get a sense of who we are when visiting our campus.

At Notre Dame, we will know your son. Come see for yourself.

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Robert F. Curis
President, Notre Dame High School