Business Computer Department Courses

The mission of the Notre Dame Business Department is to prepare students for a rapidly changing world by providing rigorous courses based on real-world applications.  Students will gain the ability to speak the language of business with regard to technology, entrepreneurship, marketing, and consumerism and become ethically aware prospective business and civic leaders.

#U90A Information Technology Internship
     0.5 to 1.0 Credits Level*

This internship is designed to offer students the opportunity to serve as an assistant to the Director of Instructional Technology and the IT Specialist in the oversight and execution of various technology based needs.  Responsibilities will include setting up and running the microphones and soundboards in the gym and auditorium, installing and updating software applications on school owned devices, instruction on utilizing technology devices such as projectors, phones, wireless applications.  Students who have a love of digital creation (music, photography, video. website construction, coding, etc.) will now have a place for others to get in contact with them and utilize their talents.  The IT interns will advise, inform, research, and demonstrate multiple areas of technology as well as help implement our current technology to the best of its ability. Time commitment will vary from week to week but will not exceed more than 3 hours of work a week.  This internship will open the door for actual employment over the summer and vacation breaks for students who are interested in working for Notre Dame in the IT department.
Requirements: Sophomore, Junior, or Senior: ability to work before and after school to help set up for events: signature of Director of Instructional Technology 

#P20B Life Skills
     0.5 Credit Level*

This course deals with personal and health issues in the life of an adolescent.  Topics discussed will be building self-esteem, decision-making, relationship skills, public speaking, financial literacy and more.  Students’ grades will be based primarily on presentations completed during the term.
Requirements for placement:  sophomore status

#U42A   Entrepreneurship
     0.5 Credit Level 2

This course gives each student an in-depth look at what it takes to plan, start, and maintain his own business.  The course is organized into various Levels. The first exposes the student to the basics of entrepreneurship: the second teaches the fundamentals of business planning and the competitive free market environment: the third Level gives each student a comprehensive look at what is needed to manage a small enterprise using Virtual Business simulation software.  Students will also have the opportunity to participate in DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America), which is an association for marketing students.
Requirements for placement:  sophomore, junior, or senior status

#U52A   Marketing
     0.5 Credit Level 2

This course is designed to provide students with the fundamental concepts, principles, skills, and attitudes common to the fields of marketing, merchandising, distribution, and retailing.  Instruction will emphasize applications directly involved with marketing areas such as advertising, sales, research, promotions, fashion merchandising, and sports and entertainment marketing. E-Commerce and the Internet’s involvement in marketing will also be explored.  Students will receive “hands on” experiences through Virtual Business ™ simulation software. Also, all marketing students will be encouraged to join DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) an association of marketing students.
Requirement for placement: junior or senior status