Academics at ND

Enter any classroom in Notre Dame and you’ll witness it: the relentless pursuit of academic excellence, by students and teachers alike.

The result: young men of character, compassion and confidence who are ready to excel in college and beyond.

Here, every student is challenged — through rigorous study, innovative teaching practices and personalized exploration — to become a flexible, independent, 21st century thinker. By applying the leading educational approaches within the context of the Catholic Holy Cross tradition, ND is able to offer a curriculum that truly educates both the mind and the heart.

At Notre Dame, Academics Means Excellence.

  • Our curriculum emphasizes academic rigor, differentiated learning, critical thinking and opportunities for interdisciplinary study. Each student’s schedule is specifically designed to challenge them to the best of their ability.

  • Our devoted faculty understand how to educate young men — and take seriously the responsibility of teaching the whole student.

  • Opportunities to learn beyond the classroom play an integral role in character development.

  • Our continuous innovations in teaching focus on developing specific, sought-after 21st-century skills such as digital-age literacy, inventive thinking, effective communication and high productivity.

  • College counseling and our schoolwide structure of support ensure that every ND student finds his own path to success (which is why traditionally 99% of our graduates enter college each fall!).

Physics in Action

Applying their knowledge of speed and force, students in Mrs. Coluccio's Physics classes engineered structures that protected water balloons when dropped off of the fire escape!

Expertise in Teaching Young Men

At Notre Dame, the Brothers of Holy Cross and their colleagues have become known for their particular expertise in educating young men, whose energy and interest need to be channeled if learning and character development are to take place. Seeking a balance between the two elements, schools founded and operated by the Congregation of Holy Cross place equal emphasis on academics and values. At Notre Dame, this student-centered education takes place both in and beyond the classroom.

Students doing math

ND Academics bring out the extraordinary in every ND student.
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Innovative, Student-Centered Academics — The ND Way

Typical Academic Program

Graduation Requirements

“At ND, we understand and respect our student’s talents, goals and challenges.  We provide opportunities for them to find their niche and encourage them to grow and thrive academically, spiritually and socially.”  Carmen Gunneson, Faculty & Chair, Foreign Language Department