Moreau Honors

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About Moreau Honors at ND

Named for Blessed Basil Moreau, founder of the Brothers of Holy Cross, the Moreau Honors Program emphasizes rigorous reading competencies while developing 21st-century skills including creative problem solving, collaboration, and digital literacy. Based on their prior academic achievements, incoming freshmen are placed into the program prior to their first fall semester at Notre Dame. 

Program Outcomes

  • Coursework challenges students and enhances writing skills
  • Students learn to become critical thinkers 
  • Projects and collaborative activities teach Moreau Honors students how to work together towards shared goals

After being a part of the two-year Moreau Honors Program, students have an excellent foundation that prepares them for continued high academic pursuit through our ECE (Early College Experience) courses, AP courses, and beyond.  

Mr. Ruben Valencia, Vice President for Academic Affairs

Moreau Honors PROGRAM Highlights

Highly motivated Moreau Honors students discover new interests while learning to be conscious consumers of information. Students develop reflection and assessment skills, which give them the confidence to continually accept challenges in the college classroom and beyond. Religion, English, and Social Studies are taught in an integrated format, challenging students to draw connections across disciplines and time.