Sports Medicine

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About Sports Medicine at ND

ND’s Signature Program in Sports Medicine allows students to explore potential careers in Sports Medicine and Athletic Training. ND graduates will have an edge in applications to competitive college programs.  

Program Coursework

Fundamentals of Athletic Training, Anatomy & Physiology, Essentials of Strength and Conditioning, Exercise Physiology, Principles of Coaching 

Program Outcomes

  • Students completing the coursework and required practical hours will receive a Certificate of Completion on their Notre Dame transcript.

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Athletic Training and Sports Medicine are two of the fastest growing fields in the Health Sciences. Our partners at Yale University and Connecticut Orthopedic Specialists allowed us to deliver a current curriculum with real-life case studies alongside field experts.  

Mr. John Warrick, Athletic Trainer and Science Faculty

Sports Medicine PROGRAM Highlights

Students will learn by doing.  The three-year program includes 30 clinical hours. Students learn the essentials of Athletic Training and Anatomy and Physiology. With professionals from Yale University and Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists acting as advisors to the program, students will have regular interactions with coaches, athletes, parents, and doctors.  Coursework will emphasize real-life problem-solving situations and practical application of theory.