T/E/D Program

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About Technology/Engineering/Design Program (T/E/D) at ND

Designed by Fortune 500 Engineers alongside ND faculty, the Technology/Engineering/Design (T/E/D) Program is a three year program that cultivates the analytical, creative, and process skills required in the engineering profession.  Students develop problem-solving abilities through practical learning applications. 

T/E/D Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the three year program, students will have exposure to a broad range of engineering disciplines and the essential skills required for the profession.

  • A Certificate of Completion will be added to their Notre Dame transcript.

Technical fields are an exploding area of study and career path for today’s students. 
Notre Dame’s T/E/D program helps students develop the vital skills necessary
for success in any technical field.
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T/E/D Program Highlights

ND’s T/E/D program is a hands-on project intensive curriculum, with a capstone project in the student’s third year.  The coursework cultivates an understanding of the values of teamwork in a practical setting, and helps students develop the leadership necessary to utilize individual strengths so that the team is more than the sum of its parts.  Students will have access to expert guidance in developing the essential skills for a future career in a technical field.