Video Production

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About Video Production at ND

Students will gain both classroom and ‘real world’ experience while learning the essential elements of video production.  Students will develop strong skills in camera operation, audio mixing, graphics system operation, sound, editing, and overall viewing analysis.  Production planning and video editing theory put creative control directly in students’ hands.

Program Coursework

Basic Video Production 101, News 201, News 301, Marketing 201, Marketing 301, Sports 201, Sports 301, Public Speaking, Marketing, Entrepreneurship

Program Outcomes

Students will have extensive hands-on experience in technical skills including production, editing and managing content. 

  • Upon completion of the required coursework, students will earn a certificate in Video Production.

Watch the intro video.

Notre Dame students finish the Video Production Signature Program with advanced college-level digital media skills.  

 -Mr. Brian Footit, Director of Instructional Technology and
Business Department Chair

Video Production PROGRAM Highlights

Students will take an active part in the administration process of
the news program, producing, editing, managing, and planning
The Green Knight News Network broadcasts and sporting events,
as well as marketing and promotional videos.  The program incorporates experts in the industry to guide, mentor, and develop the skills of the students in the classroom.