Students can participate in many different ensembles here at Notre Dame.
The following performance groups earn credit for participating, and their collective talent adds to the spirit of Notre Dame:
  • Concert Chorus 
  • Concert Band
  • Marching Band 
  • String Ensemble 
Notable Performances:
  • Columbus Day Parade (2019)
  • West Haven Memorial Day Parade (2019)
  • Walt Disney World (2018)
  • National Memorial Day Parade (2018)
  • St. Patrick’s Day Parade (2017)
  • Home football and basketball games
  • Notre Dame Concerts
The following are non-performance-based music courses offered at Notre Dame:
  • Piano Lab
  • Music Theory and Composition
  • Music Appreciation
  • Garage Band Lab

The following are extra-curricular music activities offered at Notre Dame:

  • Jazz Band
  • Tri-M National Honor Society
  • Music Ministry
  • Outreach Choir (Co-Ed)

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Meet the Director

Christine Evans

Christine Evans

Chair, Fine Arts Department , Director of Instrumental, Choral, and Liturgical Music
ND Marching Band in Disney.

ND Drumline

Band and Choir Uniform

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Formal Performance Uniform for band and choir