A Club for Every Interest

Academic Clubs

  • Math Team (Mr. Christopher M. Porto ‘06, moderator)

    • The mission of the Math Club/Team is to foster the members’ interest in the subject and to compete in the Greater New Haven Math League.

Athletic Clubs

  • Bass Fishing Team (Mr. Timothy J. Furtak, ‘02, moderator)

  • ESports Club (Mr. John Fallon, moderator)

    • The club gathers students interested in fantasy football, hockey, basketball and/or baseball in order to communicate interest in the sports and learn the technology skills needed to establish teams and compete.

  • Hockey Club

  • Intramural Sports (Mr. John Warrick, moderator)

    • Intramural sports are provided for all students who may have an interest in team games as part of their physical fitness program. Intramural teams offer a vigorous workout, good competition, and friendly student fellowship, without the routine, regulation, and time commitments of interscholastic sports.

  • Outdoorsmen Club (Mr. Timothy J. Furtak, ‘02, moderator)

    • The mission of the Outdoorsmen Club is to give students the opportunity to become involved in outdoor activities, educate its members about the outdoors, and give them a hobby that can last a lifetime. The club also has the goal of helping preserve the environment, such as with river clean-ups, volunteering with the state of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, and teaching others how to be respectful sportsmen.

  • Ski and Snowboard Club (Mr. Matthew A. Milano, moderator)

    • The purpose of the club is to bring students who are interested in skiing and snowboarding together to plan trips to local mountains to participate in activities with members of the Notre Dame High School community.

  • Table Tennis Club (Mr. Brian Footit, moderator)


Fine Arts Clubs

  • Art Club (Judith Doherty, moderator)

    • The mission of the Art Club is to promote both the implementation and education of the visual arts for its members and the school as a whole. Members are involved in the visual activities of the school, such as creating sets for school plays as well as creating visual backgrounds for displays and social activities.

  • Drama Club (Mrs. Casey LaMonaca, moderator)

  • Guitar Club (Dennis Yacono ‘07, moderator)

    • The mission of the Guitar Club is to promote and encourage a common interest in the guitar and its uses for its members. This is accomplished by providing an after school resource for the education and implementation of a common interest by its members in all aspects of the guitar.

  • Jazz Ensemble (Mr. Jason Arnold, moderator)

    • The Jazz Ensemble explores the rich tradition of jazz music, performs repertoire appropriate for the jazz ensemble, and develops skills in jazz improvisation. An audition is required for admission.

  • Stage Crew

    • The mission of the Stage Crew is to encourage a coordination and cooperation among its members to assist in events which occur at the school. This is accomplished through the continued education and implementation of its members in the safe use of controlled lighting effects for school plays and social events, as well as assisting the production crew in set construction and design.

Government and Program Boards

  • Notre Dame Student Government (NDSGA) (Mrs. Casey LaMonaca, moderator)

    • Class Officers are elected in the early Fall.  Their responsibilities include being leaders of the student body, acting as liaisons between the students and faculty, meeting regularly with the Student Activities Coordinator to help plan and run school activities, promoting school events, talking with students and providing feedback to the administration, attending most schoolwide events, proposing ideas to the administration to benefit the students and many more.

  • Leadership Council (Mr. John DeCaprio, moderator)

    • The leadership council is open to any student interested in discussing and creating opportunities for leadership potential within and outside the Notre Dame community as well as establishing standards beyond the Habitudes classes for successful completion and certification of Notre Dame's leadership program.

Honor Societies

  • Language Honor Societies (Language Department, moderator)

  • Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society) (Math Department, moderator)

  • National Honor Society (Mr. Dominick Mastriano, Jr. ‘86, moderator)

    • Eligible students are encouraged to apply for membership to the National Honor Society.  Selection for membership is based on outstanding scholarship, demonstrated character, leadership, and service.  

  • Tri-M Honor Society (Mr. Jason Arnold, moderator)

    • The Tri-M Honor Society recognizes young musicians’ academic and musical achievements.

Language Clubs

  • Italian Club

    • The mission of the Italian Club is to promote the Italian culture through various activities.

  • Latin Club

  • Spanish Club (Mrs. Carmen Gunneson, moderator)

    • The mission of the Spanish Club is to experience the Spanish culture through speakers, games, music, and celebrations of holidays and special events.

Ministry Clubs

  • BRO - Brothers Reaching Others (Mr. Mike Celentano ’86, moderator)

    • BRO (Brothers Reaching Others) is a student moderated group focused on integrating students from all classes and backgrounds in fellowship. Students focus on issues involving but not limited to prayer, decision making, and bullying in an atmosphere that is friendly and unaffected by faculty moderation. Small groups are led by Senior
      BRO leaders.

  • CSMC - Christian Student Mission Club (Mr. Mike Abbott ‘95, moderator)

    • The Christian Student Mission Club was founded in the earliest days of Notre Dame High School’s history as an outreach to people in need. The club has continued for more than sixty years, calling students to go above and beyond the requirement of service. Through various projects both within Notre Dame High School and in the greater community, these students strive to exemplify the Gospel and the philosophy of the Congregation of Holy Cross to be men of compassion and faith.

School Clubs

  • Green Machine

    • A student organization that goes to ND sporting events and provides a positive cheering section to support our athletes and coaches.     

  • Team ND (Mr. Pasquale G. Izzo ‘00, moderator)

    • The mission of Team ND is to be a student ambassador program. Team ND showcases Notre Dame students to the school community and the general public and serves in such capacities as tour guides for Open House and a student representative at 8th grade school visits made by the Director of Admissions

Social Service Clubs

  • CAAP - Changing Attitudes About People (Mrs. Betsy Whittaker, moderator)

    • The mission of CAAP is to help promote awareness regarding all differences inside and outside of the school community. The club works to strengthen closeness of the Notre Dame community by teaching members how to handle situations that arise from individuals’ differences.

  • Interact Club (Mrs. Kathleen Wielk, moderator)

    • The club is an organization in collaboration with the Rotary Club that promotes community service under the umbrella of a civic model. The club provides creative and social opportunities for service that “challenge prejudice as well as unjust networks of power and privilege.”

  • KNADA - Knights of Notre Dame Against Drugs and Alcohol

    • The mission of KNADA is three-fold: to educate the Notre Dame High School community about the dangers of drug and alcohol use; to promote safe and healthy alternatives to using drugs and alcohol; and to increase awareness about the destructive consequences of driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Special Interest Clubs

  • Anime Club / Gamers club (Mr. Christopher M. Porto ’06, moderator)

    • This club provides an avenue for students who enjoy role-playing games of various styles – card games, tabletop games, video games, etc., to meet and challenge each other. Students new to the games are taught to play, strategies are developed, and tournament play may be organized.

  • Book Club - (Mrs. Lucy Abbott, moderator

  • Minority Student Union (Mrs. Jennifer Johnson, moderator)

    • The mission of the Minority Student Union is four-fold: to offer a supportive environment for students of color; to provide educational and historical experiences; to hold bi-annual gatherings with students from Sacred Heart Academy and Laurelton Hall; and to raise funds for the MSU scholarship.

  • Model UN (Mrs. Dacia Maribelle, moderator)

    • The mission of Model UN is to provide an opportunity for Notre Dame students to understand the real functioning of the United Nations and to gain a greater awareness of member states and the value of peaceful diplomacy to resolve international problems.

  • Sci-Fi / Fantasy Club (Mr. Christopher Smith ‘06, moderator)

Student Media

  • Literary Magazine - “The Mind’s Eye” (Dr. Sean Gleason ‘03, moderator)

    • The mission of the Literary Magazine is to publish student writing and art for the school community.

  • ND Sports Information Club (NDSID)

    • Students interested in sports and love everything from video to writing to photography should join the Sports Information Club, where they will have opportunities to write game stories, take photos at a game, or record and edit 90-second highlights. Get real-world experience and provide content for and build your resume with NDSID.

  • Webcast Production Team (Mr. Stephen H. Kirck II ‘88, moderator)

    • The Webcast Production team assists in all aspects of the over 60 live events we stream live on Students perform roles such as cameraman, producer, director, statistician, and other duties essential in the production of a live broadcast. Students with on-air aspirations are also encouraged to join as opportunities are afforded to interested students.

  • Yearbook (moderated by Mrs. Erin DaCosta)

    • The mission of the Yearbook staff is to create and publish the Notre Dame High School Yearbook each year.

Technology, Engineering, and Design Clubs

  • Aerial Drone Club ( Mr. Brian Footit, moderator)

    • The Aerial Drone Club encourages and supports drone enthusiasts by providing a place to fly drones and build camaraderie.  Drones will be used for photography and video. Students will have the chance to fly the school's Phantom 4 DJI drone and can also bring drones from home.

  • Robotics and Science Club

    • The club is dedicated to the study of robotics and scientific topics in order to participate in state robotics and science competitions.