About ND

Notre Dame students become the ideal leaders for our rapidly-changing world; young men who are confident in their abilities and ready to define their own success. Students benefit from our:

  • Tradition of brotherhood: Notre Dame remains anchored in the Holy Cross mission to educate the minds and hearts of young men.
  • Innovative, student-centered academics: Students and teachers are devoted to the relentless pursuit of academic excellence. We embrace innovative teaching practices and support diverse learning styles to help students become flexible, independent, 21st-century thinkers.
  • Structure of support for Student Success: We are a community that embraces all learners, with systems in place to empower each Notre Dame student to build on his strengths and realize his full potential.
  • Devoted faculty: Notre Dame faculty understand young men — and take seriously the responsibility of teaching the whole student.
  • Competitive, inclusive athletics: At Notre Dame, character development includes teamwork, practice, healthy competition, disappointment, sportsmanship and right conduct — all of which is embodied by our renowned sports program.


Over 12,000 men spanning the globe call Notre Dame alma mater.  This is a place where students transform into young men joining a lifelong brotherhood who share our Catholic, Holy Cross mission.  Here we are compelled to educate the mind and the heart of students who walk through our doors at One Notre Dame Way.


“Notre Dame took what was always present in my son and grew it to a level of maturity that has led to his success in so many areas. Thank you ND.”   Francine Coss P'18

ND Academics bring out the extraordinary in every ND student. Ready to learn the ND way?

Pursue Your Potential at ND.   

Confidence in your abilities. Define your success.