Mission, Vision, Values

Congregation of Holy Cross

In our schools, we teach the Catholic faith, we encourage the pursuit of academic excellence, and we nurture a commitment to integral growth by focusing on Christian values and the intellectual, creative, social, and physical development of our students. Click for more on the Mission of Holy Cross.



Our Philosophy

Notre Dame High School is a Catholic independent secondary school admitting students of any race, nationality or religion to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally made available at the School. Its primary purpose is to assist the parents and guardians of its students in the education of their sons by providing a college preparatory curriculum. Notre Dame is founded upon the Catholic philosophy in the Holy Cross tradition which offers the student a greater appreciation of his personal worth and dignity as an individual of a loving God and of the equality of all human life. A Notre Dame education offers a holistic approach which develops integrity, independence, leadership, and values. Notre Dame High School further fosters an environment where students, administration, faculty, and parents or guardians work together toward faith development, moral self-discipline, and academic excellence.


Our History

The Congregation of Holy Cross, founded by Blessed Basil Moreau, has provided untold spiritual and intellectual resources to youth.  Whether in the cause of rebuilding Catholic education in Moreau’s post-revolutionary France or in the technological revolution of our day, the Congregation of Holy Cross has valued tradition and innovation leading to dynamic transformation in those whom they educate. 

In the 1940s, the Brothers of Holy Cross were invited by the Archdiocese of Hartford to provide Catholic secondary education for young men.  A key element of Holy Cross spirituality is trust in Divine Providence. The first of many bearers of Providence was The Rev. John Heller of New Haven.  Father Heller introduced the Brothers to Leopold and Mary Braun who accepted a One Dollar payment from the Brothers for eight acres of property in West Haven, which included Harugari Hall, a former German-American social club.  In September 1946, the Brothers welcomed the pioneering Class of 1950. Those first one hundred graduates have now grown to more than 12,000 alumni. In 1947, Principal Brother John Baptist announced plans for a new and larger Notre Dame High School which was dedicated on October 31, 1948, by Archbishop Henry J. O’Brien.  Divine Providence has supplied Notre Dame’s needs in numerous renovations and expansions of facilities since that All Hallows’ Eve 1948. Most recently, we welcomed students to our new Arts, Technology, and Spiritual Center and renovated athletic facilities. After more than 72 years, we remember and celebrate all who have contributed to this great work.  

Innovations regarding the ways in which young men learn best are also part of God’s Providence. Blessed Basile Moreau’s broad educational program went well beyond the standards of nineteenth-century education.  In that same spirit, Notre Dame pursues excellence and innovation in academics, technology, the arts, and athletics by leading the way in 21st-century teaching and learning. In concert with Moreau, all we do is rooted in the Gospel and Catholic tradition with deep respect for the diversity of our student body.  A Holy Cross education is acquired not only for oneself but also to serve those in need. Notre Dame follows Moreau’s lead: “The mind will not be cultivated at the expense of the heart.”

The community of Notre Dame High School has inspired men to embrace a life-long faithfulness as the root of academic and professional distinction, integrity, and compassion.  We rejoice as we continue toward a century of faith, learning, and service. As Moreau once said, “May it be so!”


Our Mission

To inspire academic excellence, nurture personal growth and foster integrity and compassion in young men of diverse talents, backgrounds, and beliefs through our Catholic, Holy Cross tradition.

Our Vision

To be a transformative leader in educating the minds and hearts of young men by maximizing innovation, tradition, and the strength of our community to empower every Notre Dame student to realize his full potential.

Our Core Values

Tradition: Notre Dame High School remains anchored in the Holy Cross mission to educate the minds and hearts of young men.

Innovation: We embrace innovative teaching practices and support diverse learning styles to help students become flexible, independent, 21st-century thinkers.

Transformation: We help develop each Notre Dame student into a young man of character, compassion, and confidence who is college-and life-ready.