The Notre Dame Man/Code

Team ND


The Notre Dame Man is an exemplar of healthy Christian life.  He takes the time to read and reflect on the Good News, and frequents the Sacraments.  The Notre Dame Man is sensitive to the needs of those less fortunate than he, and he transforms this concern into action.  He is generous with his time and his possessions.

Openness and honesty are the hallmarks of the Notre Dame Man, because his life is guided by principles.  He strives to know himself and to know others, and in doing so, searches out the Truth that is God.

The Notre Dame Man takes proper care of his body, for God has given it to him.  He keeps himself fit, and engages in some sport or exercise to maintain his health and train himself in the qualities of good sportsmanship.

Socially, the Notre Dame Man is always a gentleman.  He cultivates genuine friendships with good companions.  He is a worthwhile citizen who strives to promote the common good by serving his God, his country and his community.

In a word, a man of faith and honesty, of strength and character through self-mastery, of respect for the Christian family and lawful authority, of leadership in the pursuit of good - that is a NOTRE DAME MAN.